Well, traditional yet remains a trend. Traditional photography permits photographer to fashion a perfect space to click pictures where everyone is at their best pose. It implies that one could wear an attire according to his or her desire, and give a suitable pose.

Every genre has witnessed that a traditional photography, by and large, involves sitting down pictures of people, who are well aware that somebody is clicking their picture. Truly, this type of photography is formal in its approach.

On the other hand, candid is always spontaneous. For instance, the exquisiteness of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reactions of the crowd. It clicks people in their best emotions and brings forth the feelings of that moment through a picture.

Factually, Indian candid photography is a blend of the old and new, as it covers a very traditional wedding in a new and varied hue. At the same breath, it could capture people when they’re unaware of their pictures being taken. Thus, the term: candid.

Orthodox or trendy, it never poises to be a big deal. If you are inclined to the regular style of photography, then traditional photography is the answer. While, if you like candid photographs, say where that little girl stealthily tries to whisk away with the groom’s shoes, then of course, this style is for you.

However, in both the realms, the results pour out to be different. With skilled photographers at The Celebration Studio, both the photography genres could emerge with brilliant outcomes: some candid clicks could be the best ones, while at certain times the traditional ones prove to be incomparable.

Nevertheless, specify your choices to us: we’re unequivocally adroit in both the forms enabling you to possess some kickass memories in the form of some stunning images caged in your favorite albums. You would, for sure, both reminiscent and relish with both the traditional and the candid ones.

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