Stealthily selfies have become very selfish to the photo albums, in contemporary times. Gradually, we are actually clearing the dust off from old albums to leaf through them. Is the old photo album truly becoming a relic of the past?

Turning the pages of photo album, that was once an important part of a family enjoyment, is yet an exciting and nostalgic journey: a flash back. Indeed, a resurrection of family outings, birthdays, revels and anniversaries.

How about staring at a sepia-toned photo where we see ourselves donned in the fads of yesteryears: T-Shirts, weird shorts and sun-shades? Unequivocally, this browsing of photo-album was a great way to spend time together.

Remember those days when cameras would take a hidden place in the closet and would only pop up until on a special event or occasion? Today it is all clicked on a mobile in a jiffy: from our morning smiles to ordering grub online. Yes, to a considerable extent, the exclusivity of family album is gradually fading out of fad.

We can only turn the pages of our lifetime long ago and share giggling, laughing, or exchange stories over the most embarrassing or the naughty ones in the bunch. Then spend hours taking a journey down the memory lane on how vacation photos were clicked, reminisce on college albums that are filled with plethora of sepia or monochrome pictures.

The fight over TV remote or the mobile charger is still going on, when grabbing and snatching over a family album that was once an authentic scenario, is now tucked back in the remote corner of our memory house.

Yet, there are stupendous studios like The Celebration Studio where we can have endless fun shooting stills and videos with our friend and families, and keep celebrating life. Step in at such a studio, get clicked, collect printed copies, and then spend happy times filling up the fiber-plastic pockets with crisp, colored pics.

Turn around and you will discover photo-albums are yet coveted, because certain things in life are truly indelible and undying.

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