After applying your own makeup and then standing contented in front of the mirror, how many times have you questioned: ‘mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all’?

Then, a professional photographer clicked your photo with flash. Consequently, your swift reaction in wonder was: who is that ghost staring demurely at you from your very own photo!

Now you start mulling over what went wrong with your own makeup: surely they weren’t looking so white or ashy on the mirror, then why did it ever appear that way on the camera?

Because you are not using the right products, and hence, before a photo shoot it is at best to leave the makeup to professionals like us at The Celebration Studio.

A professional camera and correct lighting could make you look awesome, but it could also highlight the problem areas. You’re likely to fail in covering up the realms of skin blemishes, discoloration, dehydration, under-eye circles, et al. And more so, you would dislike the idea of having anything than the best to be placed out there on billboards for instance.

So, hiring a professional makeup artist for your professional photo shoot would help avoid all of that, and would make sure you look your best self, on the camera.

Getting your makeup professionally done would help you overcome shooting stage fright and would undeniably make you feel confident, bold and beautiful far beyond your own imagination!

So just sit back, unwind and permit yourself to be treated as a celebrity and let the professional makeup artist’s arm tire out before your shooting sessions, and not yours. Remember, professional makeup artists know what you need to be camera ready and help you boost your confidence.

And, for you, it will remain an amazing experience, asking for a professional makeup artist, more than once for your future photo sessions. In the meanwhile, you would incessantly admit that makeup is truly an integral part of photography.

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